Dark Skies for Northern Ireland


This website has been setup to promote the proper use of exterior public and private lighting in Northern Ireland to reduce light pollution.

Dark skies, moonlit and star-studded nights and the dawning of the day are part of the rich variety of our countryside. Yet nowadays much of the country is lit, often throughout the night. With more and more road lights, "security" lights and floodlights we are in danger of losing our starlit skies which once were an area of outstanding natural beauty.

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I have just compiled 3 Google Earth image overlays showing the extent of light pollution in Europe, North America and the world at night.

http://tinyurl.co.uk/89wj Light pollution across Europe
http://tinyurl.co.uk/0gnp Light pollution across North America
The world at night

Only use these one at time. don't display them together as it will use alot of system resources.

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